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Amy Goan, MBA, CFP®
18708 SE 45th St., Issaquah, WA 98027
Working With Clients Remotely

Prism Story

I created Prism with you, the client, in mind. I built it to provide everything you should expect of your financial advisor:

My goal in creating Prism was to build a financial planning business where I would send my family and friends, if they were in need of financial guidance. I would want them to work with someone knowledgeable about investments, as well as all other aspects of financial planning. I would also insist they work with a fiduciary, to ensure their best interests are always protected.

As a CFP® and fiduciary who gets paid on an hourly basis, my clients only pay for the financial advice they need, and nothing more. Because I only offer my expertise, and never sell any products, my clients know they're getting unbiased help with no conflicts of interest.

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